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Letter to Liberia

December, 2021

Dear Children of Zion,

We have a message from The Lord Most High for Liberia and Africa. We need to disseminate to all Liberians over this globe to study and pray this Covenant Renewal Prayer. The prayer is to be said on both the 3rd of January 2022 marking the first speech to the Liberian Legislators at the Inauguration of the first President of The Republic of Liberia, and the 7th of January 2022, marking the 200th anniversary of the landing of the Pioneers on Providence Island manifesting the Promise of the Most High. It must be read by all Liberians asking the Lord to Free the Nation, and bring us together as one.

This is also The Year of Return for us, or our Year of Jubilee. The year the Lord will return all that the locusts have stolen, and bring to pass His will in Liberia and Africa.

We will utilize every opportunity to bless our Nation. Please give to everyone you know and ask for them to join us. Let us do our part. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.


Men of Purity, “The mark to which we have been called”.
Letter to Liberia, West Africa;

What God wants for the Future

December 16th 2021

Don’t retrieve the dead policies that were traumatizing the people of Liberia. Hold on to the future, the one in your hand today, what your performance dictates today, reigning in the future you want.

I will be near you to polish and sustain the coming together of the future. The past is gone, so let us rebuild with caution, earnestness, and with integrity. Allow no embarrassment to be a part of it. Forgive our brothers and sisters, and ourselves. Lead the way forward for Liberia.

Return to Me, where you came from in the first place, for I have made you. We had problems that were solved through agreements and covenants. You boasted proudly of Me then. The African American and the African Liberian, where are we now? I am the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. We brought you here to be as one. You walked away breaking our Covenant. You took Our Peace and Prosperity with you, bringing destruction in your wake. You banished the Love I had for you and the Nation, everyone of you. My Love for you was thrown out and abandoned for your new masters, or your new gods. This angered Me. I Am God and God alone. There is no other God besides Me. You must understand this.

Seek My Face to renew our vows to one another. We will have a daily prayer for seventy days; a prayer of renewal. I want to iterate, do not quench the Fire. Remain in My Presence throughout. I Am The Lord your God. This is Process, Peace, Presence. I make all the decisions. You may go against My decisions but it will not be for long. I want to bring it to pass, to obliterate the ways and laws of destruction in Liberia. They tried sinking the Nation, stopping My Plans for the Redemption of Africa, and My will is to restore the Plan I had for Liberia in the first place. This is My Seed planted in Africa and now it will grow and produce abundant fruit. I will bring it to pass. Amen.

I know how to fix everything, and make it all well for you. I want to repair Liberia and all you have within your borders. Talk to Me, with Me. Liberia’s personal background was spun by Me, I brought you up and I will bring you up again. Learn the lessons which you have been taught and sin no more. We cannot continue this vicious cycle. “Though your sins be as scarlet, I will wash you whiter than snow”. I will do it, I will bring Justice to the Nation. The heart of man is truly wicked, but in the face of that, I will that The Kingdom grows and the knights of courage will overcome, and bring The Kingdom to pass. Who are My Knights of courage? You are, but maybe you don't know it yet. If you have a willing heart you can become an overcomer. Overcome the world and bring in The Kingdom.

I have brought you out of slavery, to bring you Freedom and Peace. Slavery in all forms on the Continent devastate My People. Many nations are still involved in these practices. Make a decision now to repair the breach. I have given you Liberia, the Grace and Knowledge and Power to do this; I have come to give new Life. Do what I ask and all of your problems will be solved. But if you continue with the same biases, rules which divide, and selfish aspirations, your results will be the same as today. We need to understand our part, and to begin again with a clean slate. What you do today commands the future. This way, I will multiply you and this multiplication will be manifested in every work of the Liberian People. This is My intention, do not change the course of progress. As it was in the beginning is now, and forever will be. From the smallest of you to the greatest. Follow My Commandments; this is your road to prosperity and abundance. Let this be your portion, Our Portion.

It will begin when you make the decision to follow Me.

This is the Spiritual Way of Liberia that no one can change. Liberia has a Spiritual and Physical mold which parameters must not be breached. When there is a breach the spoilers come in and destroy whatever they see. They tried to sink Liberia, because Liberians broke the promise many, many times over a long period. I gave so many chances for renewal, for beginning again, but you didn’t keep the covenant.

A covenant is eternal.

Rise up and install, reinstate, renew, bolster, upgrade, electrify, defend, your portion, your part of the broken mold, where the spoilers can no longer come in.

Then command the mimics, the liars, fraudsters, and evil peddlers, to get out! Now I will push out the spoilers when you repair the broken Covenant. I wait for your response. This is your part. Repair the broken Covenant. Take it seriously. Make the changes in your daily work and lives to conform to My will. I will be Faithful and Just to forgive and bring in the Nation that We all have hoped for over the years.

We have not yet reached the summit. I plan a Glorious time for the Nation, but it must come to pass; the soul searching and resultant changes, for the people and the Republic. I want us to travel this road together, shoulder to shoulder, bringing into being first the Kingdom, and thus the New Liberia. There is only one tried and true way. You cannot do it on your own without Me. Take the easy path; My way is simple. For My Yoke is easy and My burden light. Follow Me.

We are in the process now to renew and justify the existence of Liberia, and of the Purpose for the Nation. You were made for this role, you cannot resist it. This is part of you. Begin and I will lead you and sustain you as I did in the past. I will be there with you to do your part. And it will come to pass, the recovery and flourishing of the Nation, under My Care.

I planted Liberia in West Africa to bring The Light and My Presence into the Nations of this Great Continent. To free all slaves and to become as one. All Africans in every part of the globe. This is your Purpose, and now, can you stand up to the challenge? I will bring your lives to fulfillment and prosper you, and supply all of your needs according to My Riches.

We will wait for you and see.


From The Most High, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Amen!!!!!
December 16, 2021

MOP Excerpts from the J. J. Roberts first Inaugural Address. Analysis of commitments and covenant, and their intrinsic values, and how they connect to our reality in Liberia as the Republic now stands, and to posterity. Prayers to renew Liberia’s vows, to bring again our blessings and prosperity.


November 29 2021

Prayerfully submitted through the Insight of The Holy Spirit.

From the Inaugural Address of
His Excellency J. J. Roberts, President of the Republic of Liberia
Delivered at the first meeting of the Legislature of the Republic, January 3, 1848.

The Inaugural Address was read before President Roberts made the Pledge of the Oath of Office.

The President had been previously elected as the Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth of Colonies, now the Republic of Liberia.

“The Passion of one, is lit by the Passion of another until the whole circle is a Flame.”
President J. J. Roberts
January 3, 1848

Developed solely from within the Inaugural address based on the obligations imposed on him and perceived by President Roberts, as the call of his fellow citizens, to the Station and Duties to which he was about to pledge himself and the Nation, at its very infancy. Knowing where we had come from and asking, to become what the Lord God had promised.

Prayer for Liberia today, for deliverance and redemption, for our future: Please elaborate (add to it) to be said by all on January 3rd and 7th, 2022, respectively.

(a) We plead The Blood of Jesus, Almighty Father, we ask for forgiveness. We come to Your Throne of Mercy and Grace making supplications unto You. We beseech You to forgive us our sins, those we have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Search our hearts and lives and show us how to be delivered and set free from each and every curse against us and all of Liberia, because of our neglect and sins. Forgive us Holy Father, our trespasses, as we forgive our fellow man, and heal our nation.

Almighty Father, Supreme Sovereign of the Universe, The Holy and Blessed One, break all chains that bind Liberia and us all, and give us Freedom.

Let us never forget our duty to You Most High and to our fellowman. We owe You Most High, and we remember the suffrage and trust of our brethren. All those in slavery as we pray this prayer unto You. Show us Father and save our brethren.

Help us to always remember our children and the unborn generations that they may be always blessed by You, and this is determined by our actions today.

Let us not be Slaves to any evil devices or spirits. Help us to love Liberty and Justice and equal rights, for everyone. Help us that our Nation’s economy will be in Your Hands, that we will surely prosper. Let our people be gainfully employed. Spare us Holy Lord.

Let our Constitution relieve embarrassment and inconvenience off of the citizens of Liberia. Let all the laws therein be tailored specifically for the growth and development of the Nation. Amen.

Let not our efforts end in anarchy. Let our values and capacities and innate abilities be sufficient to bring forth a Land of Liberty and Promise under God. Bring us fulfilled lives of blessedness in Jesus Holy Name.

Show us, Heavenly Father, Providential Favor.

Banish from among us misery, tribulations and anguish and all of their ramifications including discrimination, hatred, and ignorance, O Merciful Father; forgive us.

Let us never turn our backs on Your call but forevermore honor and serve You.

Give us your Freedom, Good Reputation and Happiness and the Happiness of our unborn children. Take away slavery from among us. Redeem Africa, with The Blood of Jesus!

(b) Help us to do our duty as citizens to the utmost extremity of our abilities.

Help us to promote Liberia and honor her, to sustain the interest in her Good, to have interest in the good of all the citizens of The Republic, and to remember Liberia with affection in our hearts. Let the Passion of one, light the passion of another until all our hearts are united in one cause; one flame. By Your Power Most High.

Help us to build on what we have inherited, and hand down unimpaired to future generations, the Freedom and Justice Liberia deserves.

Help us to place the interest and development of Liberia first, in the path to Duty and Justice. Let all selfish desires and indifference, weakness of human nature or limits to our own understanding, never, deter us from our duty to Liberia.

God our Father, You have led us like Israel and planted each of us in Liberia; You showed us the way. We have a reason why we are here. Cover us with your Providence and through concerted and continuous prayers enlighten our minds and hearts, guide our councils to prosper the work of our hands, to result in good. Let us acknowledge the purpose for which we were born to bring freedom to Liberia and Africa. To bring the knowledge of You Most High, to our brethren.

(c) It is the will of Heaven that mankind should be free!

You brought the people of the colonies, with our aboriginal brethren, to unite and become the Republic of Liberia, finally absolute Freedom and Independence by You and through Your unerring ways, to keep the growing presence of Liberia, bound in unison, with the efforts of the people involved.

For all People involved:

Help us to humble ourselves and make us dependant on You O Lord.

Help us surmount our difficulties.

Make us remember that future generations unborn and their success and happiness are in our hands today.

Remember the redemption of Afriica from superstition, idolatry, and deep degradation, and others which have plagued her, with encouraging evangelistic efforts. Help us to bring this redemption. O Almighty Father.

Let the Gospel of The Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ be preached to all of Africa in vast numbers.This was the reason for the planting of the Colonies; to introduce The Most High God to all the barbarous nations and lands in Africa.

Help us shed the light of Christianity and Science over our brethren. Bringing God Almighty “back” to Africa is in our hands!

Help us to not neglect our purpose and our calling. Help us to receive our calling.

Rouse us! Holy Father! To follow Truth , and do our Duty as Men of God, and Divine Providence will come to our aid. In Jesus' Holy Name.


All thanks to the most High God! In Jesus Holy Name!