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Books by Lionel Bernard

Author Bio

  • Lionel Bernard is an author and IT professional. His books include Broadband Coming, Bag of Lies, Red Palm Oil Love, and Palm Wine Love. He lives in Maryland and was born in Liberia.

Palm Wine Love

  • Published June 13 2022

  • $14.99 Paperback

  • $12.99 Kindle

  • Synopsis

    • In this continuing story, beautiful, smart, and sexy high-end prostitute Darling Kebbeh travels to Nigeria to check on her sick mother who’s there for life-saving treatment. Away from the hustle of Monrovia, Darling’s only plans are to spend time with her mother and stepsister, get to know her stepbrother’s family, and enjoy shopping in Nigeria, until she meets a wealthy businessman and admirer who wants to sweep her off her feet. Her experiences in Nigeria leave her both optimistic and confused about her future. Returning to Liberia with new plans to upgrade her man-business game, Darling runs into an old friend who introduces her to an exciting and lucrative new world of sex service that leaves her yearning for more than just the money. A sudden incident causes her life to take a dramatic turn, leaving her questioning who she is. Torn between her troubled past, her uncertain future, and her demanding present, she makes a decision that changes everything.

Red Palm Oil Love

  • Published June 14 2017

  • $14.68 Paperback

  • $11.68 Kindle

  • Synopsis

    • Beautiful, smart, young and sexy Darling Kebbeh has big plans and is making moves to get out of the high-class prostitution business in post-war Monrovia. Her mother’s sudden illness and new information about her long lost father are threatening to set her back from her goals. A charming stranger enters her life promising her love, money, and a possible new life in a land far away. Darling will take what he has to offer but she’s not sure if she wants or needs love.

Broadband Coming

  • Published May 2 2014

  • $19.71 Paperback

  • $9.99 Kindle

  • Synopsis

    • Amidst the bewildering end of the Liberian civil war in 2004 and subsequent elections that brought hope to locals and diaspora Liberians alike, three entrepreneurs conceived an idea of starting a technology based business in Liberia with the ultimate goal of bringing much needed broadband speed Internet connectivity to that country. Using their collective experience, connections and little money, they embarked on a six year journey to reach their goal, a journey full of challenges, setbacks and triumphs. Lionel Bernard recounts their experiences in establishing, a groundbreaking online and booklet format yellow pages for Liberia. He reveals the impact of several widely read and criticized articles the trio published about the country’s telecom sector over that period. He gives an account of their backroom dealings with high level Liberian government officials, their worldwide efforts to raise capital from venture funds and investors to bid for the Liberian national phone company, and their relentless drive to attract the Uhurunet undersea fiber cable project to Liberia. Revealing and bold in scope, Broadband Coming gives a peephole view into the dynamics of a segment of Liberian society and the uncontrollable forces and counter forces that have a deep influence on succeeding in that society.

Bag of Lies

  • Published July 8 2010

  • $7.28 Paperback

  • $0.99 Kindle

  • Synopsis

    • YMCA manager Patrick McKenna has finally found a comfort zone in his life. A former college basketball standout who missed his dream at the pros due to injury, he enjoys a satisfying job and a family he loves. When a bag is left at the Y by a local lawyer, Patrick inspects its contents and discovers cash and very private, volatile information about an individual. Intending to return the bag, he discovers that the lawyer is dead. Before he can process what all of this means, Patrick is being hunted by the killer. In Lionel Bernard's gripping novel, Bag of Lies, readers are treated to clever and sometimes heart-stopping twists and turns that leave them wanting more. And Bernard delivers. From a blackmail conspiracy that Patrick must solve to the moral dilemma he faces throughout, from issues of infidelity to major questions regarding race relations and acceptance, this is a novel that flows from edgy to funny, poignant to graphic, with more than a touch of introspection thrown in.